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Narrative: An International Conference (sponsored by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and The Society for Narrative Literature), to be held in Albany, NY, April 1–4, 1993, is an interdisciplinary forum to discuss all aspects of narrative theory and practice. The conference will include the panel "Narrative Geometries of Gravity's Rainbow," moderated by John M. Krafft, featuring "'Not Yet Blindingly One': Gravity's Rainbow and the Apocalypse of Print," by Stuart Moulthrop and John McDade; '" A progressive knotting into': Hyper-embedded Narration in Gravity's Rainbow," by Steven Weisenburger; "The Physics of Seduction: Gravity and the Geometry of Complicity in Gravity's Rainbow and Vineland," by Martin E. Rosenberg; and "'Orpheus Puts Down Harp': Dismembering Narrative in Gravity's Rainbow," by Susan Elizabeth Sweeney.


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