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    Travel Writing Unbound



Academic interest in travel writing has never been greater. So it is inevitable that such a book as Crossing Boundaries appear. Postmodern travel literature? Why not? There is certainly a difference between how Paul Theroux or Jonathan Raban writes about his travel and how Roland Barthes or Bruce Chatwin does. Alison Russell does not discuss Barthes, barely mentions Theroux, and never mentions Raban. But she does discuss Chatwin (The Songlines), along with Kenneth Lincoln and AI Logan Slagle (The Good Red Road), William Least Heat-Moon (PrairyErth) and William T. Vollman (The Atlas). These worthy authors suffice for a thesis, especially when there is a first chapter on Gaddis (The Recognitions) and then a second on Pynchon (V.).

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22 Sep 2001