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Author: Steven Moore (Denver, Colorado)

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    Pynchon on Record



Given Pynchon's penchant for popular music, it is appropriate that his V. inspired at least two musical compositions in the sixties. The earlier is an instrumental entitled simply "V." by Pynchon's Cornell friend Richard Farina; it first appeared on Celebrations for a Grey Day (Vanguard), which The New York Times' Robert Shelton chose as one of the ten best folk records of 1965. The song also appears on The Best of Mimi and Richard Farina (1971), a two-record anthology also on Vanguard; both albums are still available. "V." is played on dulcimer with tambourine accompaniment by Bruce Langhorne; the droning dulcimer has a Near Eastern flavor and consequently seems to have been inspired by the Alexandria of V.'s third chapter. In his liner notes to Celebrations for a Grey Day Farina described his composition thus.

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01 Oct 1982