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For some time now, Pynchon's work has stirred strong critical interest abroad. The editors want Pynchon Notes to convey a sense of the reception this oeuvre has received in countries that have inherited different fragments of the Western literary legacy. These cultures have constituted different novelistic canons for themselves, and have developed divergent critical methodologies and ideologies. Our colleagues have kept us aware of these differences by sending us references to such items as reviews of V. in Swedish, or to essays published by Japanese Americanists. Each issue of Pynchon Notes goes to a growing number of readers in Canada, Britain, Israel, France, Germany and Japan. We have published the work of some of these readers and have made our bibliography an international one. We hope to maintain that inclusiveness which Pynchon's work invites.

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Krafft J. M. & Tölölyan K., (1982) “Editorial”, Pynchon Notes 0(9), p.3-4. doi: https://doi.org/10.16995/pn.444



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01 Jun 1982