Introduction (Granada Pynchon Conference Volume)

Authors: Celia Wallhead , Francisco Collado-Rodríguez

  • Introduction (Granada Pynchon Conference Volume)


    Introduction (Granada Pynchon Conference Volume)

    Authors: ,


When Maltese Pynchon fans (and others) decided to organize a conference in the early summer of 2004, they didn’t have to look far for a title theme: the planet Venus was conveniently in line to edge its way across the sun on the morning of the first day. In view of the significant role Malta plays in V., “The Transit of Venus” was the perfect theme. Spaniards, on the other hand, did not have it so easy when, inspired by the success in Malta, they thought of organizing the next Pynchon Conference in Granada two years later. One has to admit that Spain has not figured large in Pynchon’s oeuvre. His protagonists go to Germany, Italy, France and England, but rarely to Spain. In his novel Against the Day some of the anarchist characters do make a brief visit to Barcelona, but nothing much happens there (and, of course, the novel had not been published yet). Almost all the Hispanic material in his novels, people and places, are Spanish American. No doubt this is due to the proximity of Mexico and Pynchon’s frequent visits there, plus the strong Hispanic flavor of the west coast in lands originally part of the Spanish Empire. These in themselves explain the dearth of Peninsular Hispanic referents.

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Published on
22 Sep 2011