Corrigenda: A Note on Gravity's Rainbow

Author: David R. Mesher (Tel-Aviv University)

  • Corrigenda: A Note on Gravity's Rainbow


    Corrigenda: A Note on Gravity's Rainbow



Mistakes in the text and texture of Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow become almost as controversial as the more central elements of the novel, but little effort has been expended to categorize and investigate those beyond the realms of verifiable historical and scientific data.1 A brief look at several types of errors in the novel will reveal no apparent pattern, and thus every reason for the increased operations of paranoid critical faculties. The question of mistakes, after all, divides into the incidental and the intended (or, in more Pynchonesque terms, those we can plot over me, and those plotted for and against us). Ultimately, this distinction can be resolved by the element of control--or, as Pynchon suggests through the 2 medium of Carroll Eventyr, "the illusion of control."

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Published on
01 Feb 1981