Vineland: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA FICTION (Or, St. Ruggles' Struggles, Chapter 4)



T.B. McText, sitting in a backyard in suburban Long Island, homesick Australian on a lit. binge, preferring this suburb-that-could-have- been-anywhere to the hard, strange and unique coffee-grain surfaces of Manhattan. He has the manuscript–for a while at least–until the Pynchon Party starts. No one wants to ask where it came from, though they're curious. There's a call from New Orleans. There's even a reporter for People magazine over from Los Angeles to try to suss out all these Pynchon freaks and what's so special about this novel that's going the (admittedly tight) rounds. Not so many miles from Glen Cove, an autumn-cum-winter sun's getting through here and semi-glaring back off the Xeroxed pages. He's only got another hour with the MS, and he's rushing. Only one thing he can think, getting towards the end: what's all the fuss about?


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