An Index to V.

Authors: Bernard Duyfhuizen , Brian Swatek

  • An Index to V.


    An Index to V.

    Authors: ,


Indexing V. seemed to be a straightforward project at first, but we found in compiling the more than 1,900 entries that certain aspects of the text present particular problems to indexers. For instance, the text rarely uses italics for titles of books, periodicals, newspapers, operas, and paintings; likewise, the various ships mentioned, such as the U. S. S. Scaffold, are also not italicized. To remain consistent with the novel we have not italicized items unless they appeared so in the text. We did decide to place song titles within quotation marks, but, again, V. does not follow this practice. In adding annotations to identify allusions, it was tempting to try to fill the void of a yet-to-be-produced companion to the novel. We have restrained ourselves, but we hope that our work here will spur someone to undertake that task. For references regarding Malta, we are indebted to Arnold Cassola's "Pynchon's v., and the Malta Connection;' Journal of Modern Literature 12.2 [1985]:311-31.

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Published on
30 Sep 1996